Help us raise emergency funds for the people of the BVI

We are hearing from colleagues across the legal sector around the area that devastation in the British Virgin Islands, including loss of life and property, is even worse than was ever feared possible.

The exact level of damage remains unclear. However, what is certain is the need to restart businesses, local economies and employment to get BVI back on its feet as fast as possible.

While Governments and others will help with the immediate Aid, Legal Aid for BVI will focus on helping small business restart their businesses so economic activity, employment and financial independence can be restored.

Legal Aid for BVI will be using money raised to give small business ’restart the economy’ grants to make sure that the BVI and its people can get back on their feet as fast as possible.

The more you donate, the more we can help

Donal Blaney, founder of this appeal, writes:

“I was lucky enough to call the BVI home for nearly two years from 2004. I proposed to my wife atop its mountain in 2005. Even now I still own a law firm and trust company based there.”

Many of us in the legal services sector owe much to the BVI. It is time for us to take the lead and to give back.

This fundraising initiative is called “Legal Aid”. It will give all those – lawyers, clients, fellow professionals and indeed holidaymakers who fell in love with the beauty of the islands – a chance to provide urgently needed support to enable the BVI and its remarkable people to recover.

“I hope my friends will generously support this initiative.”